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Trustified provides laboratory testing of health products and supplements for label accuracy and for the presence of heavy metals, chemicals, amino spiking etc. Our goal is to protect people from criminal manufacturers and companies who sell adulterated products for the sake of business. In addition, our services support healthy competition based on blind testing and not on monetary rankings. The analysis of a product can be requested by the public through poll or by the manufacturers/ companies. Once a request is raised, our team will buy the product using its own money and without any intimation to the manufacturer/ company. We then send an untouched and sealed box of the product to our leading testing partner. Once a product passes/fails the analysis, results will be displayed in our website and other online sources. Every year we conduct 4 random blind testing per product to maintain integrity and complete peace of mind.


Trustified not only lists products that have passed our testing parameters but also lists products that have failed the test. We believe as a consumer you should have a higher transparency in a market dumped with thousands of non-regulated products, so that you can save yourself from such

"criminal manufacturers/companies" and confidently buy what is best for your health.

Disclaimer: The information presented here and on our affiliated sources was gathered from resources that were thought to be trustworthy. The content presented is just for informational purposes and represents our personal viewpoint. Regarding the accuracy, likelihood of results, or dependability of using the information on this website and its connected sources, Trustified offers no promises or assurances.

The suggestions of qualified health professionals or professional medical advice are not intended to be replaced by the content. Always seek the counsel of your doctor or another knowledgeable health expert when you have any questions about a particular product or course of treatment. You should carefully study all information offered by the product's producers, whether it is posted online or on the labels or packaging of the real product.

If it’s not Trustified, it’s not Certified

Choose safe. Be safe.

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