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Interested in getting Trustified ?

Show your customers that you are completely transparent about what’s in the label is in your product with India’s first and only 100% blind testing certification. 

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Terms and Conditions for Blind Testing:
1. In the event a company wants to participate in the blind testing process, the testing expenses must be covered by the company itself. 
2. Please take note: We only do 100% blind testing and never collect samples from manufacturers or companies. Also, to maintain 100% trust and transparency for customers, we never disclose how, when, or from where we will buy the products.
3. If the company's product fails the test, failed results will also be shown.
4. Last but not least, this is a very ethical certification designed to keep customers in mind so that they can avoid adulterated products and choose safe ones. Apply for this certification only if your products are genuine.

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