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Manufacturer/ company can send a Challenge Request against any current certified product listed on Trustified at

Please Note the challenger commits to the rules mentioned below:


  1. Trustified always purchases two samples for all its tested products therefore a latest sample cannot be requested and submitted by the challenger

  2. In case the challenger has some doubt in our blind testing process then they can request a video document of how we purchased the product and sent the sealed box of it to our testing partner ( We always film a proof document of our blind testing process for all our tested product )

  3. The challenger will be responsible for advance payment of the testing costs, and it will be non-refundable.

  4. Once the payment is received by Trustified through valid invoices, the Challenge Process will begin at our independent ISO 17025 accredited laboratory partner

  5. The challenger's company name and contact details will be kept private

  6. If the challenge confirms that the product original certification was correct then no modifications will be done at Trustified sources but in case of considerable correction found, the results of this retest will be final and will be updated in all our sources

  7. The previous result of the challenged product will remain live during the Challenge Process

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