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How to choose the best protein powder 

Whey protein Concentrate, Isolate or Hydrolysate?

Choose whey protein Concentrate or Isolate. The expensive whey protein Hydrolysatecan be a good option for those training in a fasted state otherwise Hydrolysate does not have any added advantage with regards to Muscle hypertrophy recovery and strength as compared to Concentrate and Isolate. Remember -Anabolic window is a myth!

Processing method and quality

To remove unwanted lactose, sugar, and fats, whey must be processed further after its initial separation from the casein curds. The two main methods whey protein is separated out are ion-exchange and membrane filtration.


Ion-exchange processing utilizes a shift in pH by adding chemical agents to make protein separation possible. These added chemical agents, such as hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide, adjust the pH and the electrical charge on the proteins, allowing them to attach on resins in the separation containers. This does not impact the muscle building properties of whey, but the immune protection effects provided by the naturally occurring immunoglobulins found in whey have been shown to be greatly reduced using ion-exchange.


In membrane filtration separation of the whey is done by using filters instead of adding damaging chemical agents. So, unlike ion-exchange, membrane filtration does not denature the protein, change the amino acid profile, or leave behind the immunoglobulins. This makes membrane filtration a superior method to use opposed to ion-exchange.


Prefer Membrane filtration method overIon exchange to choosethe highest quality whey protein supplement for your overall health.


If the label doesn’t state the type of processing used, it’s best to look at another product until the brand can clarify for you.


Whey protein with added aminos

Don’t go for the expensive protein powders with additionally added BCAA’s or leucine as research has clearly shown that extra leucine or BCAA after a certain level is useless.

Disclosure of amino acid profile

Always look for the brand who has fully disclosed amino acid profile either on the packaging of their product or at their website.

Protein percentage

What portion of the product is protein? Looking at the below scenario chose option A to get higher protein percentage and to avoid unwanted ingredients.

Adulteration/ Contamination

Cases of heavy metals and amino spiking to fake protein content are increasing day by day. It is important that companies should now be open and transparent, and third-party testing is exactly how this can be achieved. When a brand has their product third-party tested and certified it means that a separate company performs unbiased rigorous testing on their products to look for quality, safety, and purity. Third-party testing is a way of showing transparency and trust in brands. When you look for third party testing certification be sure to consider only that certification who actually do blind testing instead of collecting samples directly from the manufacturers/ companies.


Trustified is India’s first and only 100 % blind testing certification where we buy the products using our own money and without any intimation to the manufacturers/ companies. We are so transparent that we also film the proof of our blind testing ( Like how we purchased the product and how we send it to our testing partner )

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