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The Whole Truth Concentrate


Product Name – Raw Whey Protein Concentrate

Category – Whey Protein Powder (Dairy Based ) 

Batch No. Tested -  TWTWCU079F2

Mfg Date - 27/03/2024

Exp Date -  26/03/2025

Date Published - 26 May 2024

Tested By - Eurofins

Testing Status - Passed

Macro Accuracy

Amino Spiking Status

No Amino Spiking Found

*amino acids are calculated based on ASIS basis (without moisture)


Melamine Spiking Status

No Melamine Spiking Found
Limit of Detection(LOQ) - 0.5g/100g Result : <0.5g/100g


Heavy Metals


Aflatoxins ( B1,B2,G1,G2,M1 )

Limit of detection ( Loq ) = 0.5 ug/kg Result = <0.5 ug/kg



In tests, Pesticides are either not detected or found below limit of detection (LOQ)


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